Want To Sell More Online?  
DigiSellar Is The Platform

Whether you’re an established Product Creator or a new seller with a big goal,
DigiSellar will give you the tools, leverage and support you need to seamlessly sell
and scale online globally. 

Grow Your Business With Us

DigiSellar helps you find and work with Professional Marketers to promote your products.

Here’s a basic checklist to see if you’re ready to sell on DigiSellar:

1.You have a digital or physical product, course, or direct response offer that converts well.
2.You are looking for relief from rising advertising costs.
3.Your business is equipped to handle an increase in traffic and sales.

How Selling On DigiSellar Works In Minutes…

STEP - 1

Register With DigiSellar.com

Click The SignUp Button To Create An Account With SellAlly. It takes only few minutes.

STEP - 2

Setup Your Product 

Setup Your Product on DigiSellar while our compliance team carefully review your product before approval

STEP - 3

List Product On Marketplace

Once product is approved, it appear on our marketplace with over 1000+ affiliates ready to promote & 10,000 Customers.

STEP - 4

Get Paid On Time

Get Paid on time, Every time!


DigiSellar collect funds on behalf of our sellers/vendors, pays the affiliate, and deliver the product to the customer.

DigiSellar takes a 10% cut of the product's price. (For example, if the product costs N20,000, DigiSellar will charge N2,000.)

All products on Digisellar have a 30-day refund policy except stated otherwise by the seller.

NET14 Payment: We pay out our vendors every 14 days.

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