How To Add & List Products on DigiSellar Marketplace

How To Add & List Products on DigiSellar Marketplace

Posted on : 10 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 10 months ago   

To successfully list and sell your own products on DigiSellar Marketplace, please take the following steps:

1. Open your store page from the Vendor Dashboard menu

2. Click on "My Products" on the Store Submenu tab

3. Click on the "Add Product" button

4. Fill out the product information on the form that comes up, including the affiliate commission you wish to set.

5. Once you are satisfied with your product information click the "Save & Submit for Review" button to submit your product for review. You can also add optional additional comments for the admin that would review your product.


6. That's it. Once reviewed and approved, your product would be displayed on the DigiSellar Marketplace.

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